As the title suggests, metaphorically Election Day is tomorrow, and we would do well to treat it as if it really is, instead of resting back on our haunches.

For real, am I the only one who is wondering why the GOP all around America is still celebrating the election of a few weeks ago..?!  Maybe this will come as a newsflash to them, but they only won what they won by the skin of their teeth and the Democrats had a great dry run for the big one in 2020; and they stole just enough power to make the next two years of this administration a nightmare for President Trump and by extension, We the People.

What the GOP should be doing this very moment is working double overtime on a complete restructuring of our entire election system.  You can bet that the Democrats not only have their game plan in place, they are working it while the GOP bosses celebrate.  They will not even take the Holidays off as they steam forward to thwart President Trump and begin their full out assault on him and We the People in January once they are seated.

This issue is far too important to put off until a few months before the next cycle which is when most people start thinking about it.

The voting system, which should be a simple matter of ensuring that only those who are eligible to vote can and then counting those votes, has become riddled with complications, one of the biggest of which is “early voting”, which by design lends itself easily to all sorts of underhanded schemes.  Let me share my one and only attempt at it with you.

Granted I live in “Corruption County” where one of the most blatant voter fraud queens holds court, but here’s what happened to me about ten years ago.  I decided to be a poll watcher and after my training I decided it would be a good idea to vote early since Election Day promised to be somewhat hectic and I could have been assigned to “watch” almost anywhere in the county.  So I went to the SOE main office in West Palm Beach three full weeks before Election Day and voted early; I watched the man enter my info into the system that I had voted and it was done.  Then, lo and behold, on Election Day I just happened to be assigned to watch at my own precinct.  Since the turnout was pathetically slow, I asked one of the poll workers if my name was on the list and if I could vote; sure enough it was and I could have.

When I explained that I already had done so weeks before and was stunned that my name still appeared as eligible, she said it would have been kicked out if I had.  Maybe my vote would have been kicked out since I voted Red, but I would bet my last dollar that a democrat vote would have been allowed; and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of those “nice ladies” cast a vote for me anyway at the end of the day.  Suffice it to say, I never have and never will vote early again.  Evuh…!  I also don’t plan on becoming a democrat when my time comes and I pass away…

As I have written before, there are steps that can and need to be taken to ensure the veracity of the vote.  For starters, we need a centralized national voter registration platform which will serve as a sort of Federal SOE whose function it will be to maintain voter statuses and eligibility; such things as relocations, death, mental capacity, etc.  Another very important function would be to record when and where those with multiple homes vote.  I know some in one particular party like to either ignore the law or pretend ignorance of it; however, it is indeed illegal to vote in more than one jurisdiction in the same election.  Doing so could and should trigger a fine and/or prison sentence.

Likewise, attempting to vote via a provisional ballot or any of the other ways of voting if you are NOT registered nationally would also trigger a fine and/or imprisonment.  Until we do really make it hurt by imposing severe penalties for committing voter fraud, those who do so will never take it seriously and never stop.

Additionally, the idea that asking for IDs somehow infringes or disenfranchises any particular group is as ridiculous as it is insulting to said group.  No one has a problem showing their ID to make certain purchases, travel on a public conveyance, or a myriad of other things; so why is this any different…?!  BTW, I personally do not think simply showing an ID is sufficient; I believe that we need to bring it up to date and make it biometric using Iris and Fingerprint Scans.

As far as the SOEs themselves; the days of a singular SOE are gone.  We must demand at least three co-equal and co-responsible SOEs in every jurisdiction with a system in which if one of them does something afoul and the others do nothing, they all share the burden and equal weight of the law, therefore if would behoove each of them to be impeccably honest.

As for the SOEs who have already become notorious for blatant misdeeds up to and including fraud, they MUST not only be removed from office; they MUST face charges.

While I know that one of the worst of the worst in the person of Brenda Snipes of Broward County will be allowed to fade off into the sunset now that she has resigned, I remain firm in my personal opinion to see her, Susan Bucher, Gertrude Walker and a number of others around the nation removed from office, investigated, tried, and sentenced to long terms if proven guilty.  And I don’t care one iota about their gender, the color of their skin, or their age.  Crime deserves punishment, and justice must be blind to such underlying factors.  My final thought on that is if she and any of her cohorts to the north had been Republican, she and they would rightfully have been removed from office and punished to the full extent of the law long ago.  Not that long ago really, she and they might have been tarred and feathered.  In case you missed it, my friend Wild Bill for America had this to say…

This is just a start; but there is much to do and little time to do it.  “They” are already working their 2020 plans, and if “we” don’t get some basic stuff changed immediately, we may not be able to overcome what will be nearly perfected fraud in two years.

It’s time America; time for Patriots to show up with Red Flares smoking up the steps of every local, county, state and federal building that houses our “leaders”.  We must make a stand and let them know that we are done with their tyrannical abuse.


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In Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, he echoed Jesus' immortal words, "...a house divided against itself cannot stand." (Mark 3:25) Perhaps now, more than ever, it is imperative that we stand together, kneeling before God and in an attitude of humility and holiness while reaching out to those around us in an effort to both heal and unite our divided land ... in God we trust.