During the height of the 2018 election season a story began emerging out of Lee County, FL. I didn’t hear about it until only the first week of February via a friend and this video where the victim explains in her own words to investigative reporter Ann Vandersteel what happened to her. This is a story with a lot of moving parts about police corruption and abuse of power at the highest levels, as well as blatant incompetence by one attorney and followed up with theft by another that everyone needs to know about.

It involves a young woman, Deanna Williams, who has been through a living hell during the past ten years starting with being sexually assaulted by a neighbor. That assault led to a civil suit involving a settlement structured to be a series of yearly payments over a period of several years which wound up with one recent payment being mishandled and misappropriated, and then intercepted by an attorney who “bought” the case from the first attorney and falsely claimed authorization to receive the funds on behalf of the victim.

Not knowing what to do, Deanna did what many might and brought this to the attention of the local Sheriff’s office. The deputy who took her information and the report, nice man that he was, was just incapable of getting the information straight and she had to keep repeating herself, ultimately having to return several times.

During her visits to the Sheriff’s office she did not meet the Sheriff, however, preliminary FDLE Inspectors believe that at the time “Under Sheriff” of Lee County, Carmine Marceno probably saw her during at least one of her visits and decided to reach out to her on Facebook saying he wanted to get to the bottom of her case, which in and of itself is highly unusual and suspicious because police bosses don’t normally get directly involved with specific investigations.

However, a little detail you need to know about at this point in the story is that the woman happens to be very attractive, and sadly for many attractive women, there are too many men who simply cannot see beyond that and have ulterior motives behind any gesture of assistance; and that is exactly what happened with the then “Under Sheriff.”

Apparently, when she arrived at the Sheriff’s office to file her report, she caught his eye and he liked what he saw, and like the predator that it turns out he is, he immediately began making inappropriate advances towards her, beginning with sending her a message on Facebook stating that he wanted to get to the bottom of her case. On a FB message, Carmine asked her to meet at his office with LCSO Attorney Holloway; after that meeting, he promised that someone would get back to her within days. That is when he started texting and calling on a personal level and began pursuing Deanna persistently.

Even after she clearly expressed to him that she was not interested in a personal relationship; as predators do, he persisted in forcing himself upon her, trying to date her, showed ‘real’ interest, invited her to meet his family, etc. Against her better judgement, and given that he was an authority figure, she began to trust him. Enough so that, within a few weeks, their relationship became physical and she found out that she was pregnant.

Suddenly, this predator changed his tune 180 degrees, demanded that she have an abortion, made threats, and began escalating her already huge challenge into a horrific nightmare; even his mother told her over the phone that “Carmine doesn’t believe it’s right for you to have the baby because you’re not married.” The Under Sheriff repeatedly reiterated that he would not allow her to give birth to their child under any circumstances, and that he had people who would do absolutely anything for him and that she had no one to protect her. Those threats were and are chilling. Keep in mind, she didn’t go to the police to make new friends, she went to them for help because a substantial amount of money was stolen from her, and the top cop on the scene decided to help himself to her.

A scandal began, largely buried by the election; but not before the media got wind of the story due to the impending paternity suit against him. In an attempt to lessen public scrutiny, he took some time off and reportedly went to Hawaii while the main heat was on.

This was a guy who was supporting all the ‘right’ politicians, our new governor DeSantis among them. Just before he left office, outgoing governor Rick Scott appointed him as the new Sheriff without vetting him beyond that he was already second in command and had the blessing of the outgoing Sheriff.

From what I’ve been able to learn, once Governor DeSantis got wind of what was going on, his team scrubbed everything they could find that might have associated this corrupt official to their campaign; so the governor is certainly well aware of this story and needs to oversee a serious investigation leading up to the removal and arrest of a man who as it turns out, has done this sort of thing before.

In the meantime, Deanna has endured threats such as laser beams coming through her windows onto her walls, cars slowly driving by, and much more. She has also attempted to get this man to do the right thing financially to no avail. The money, both fees and what she has been cheated out of from the lawsuits, has cost her far in excess of $500K. With every passing day, she is trying to stay healthy for herself and a baby which is due in the spring; she is facing financial ruin, and she is doing it alone.

Additionally, his attorney’s response to the paternity suit states, “Despite Carmine’s insistence that Deanna abort the child, he denies paternity in legal documents, and he requests paternity be established through DNA testing at the same time requesting that said DNA testing be delayed for an extended period of time.”

None of this story should have happened, but this very personal part is critical; Carmine understood that Deanna had not engaged in any sexual intimacy during the many years since the previous assault which caused her to seek help from the sheriff’s office in the first place, and at no time did he or any member of his family express doubt that he was the father of the baby. Instead, all they have done is encourage her to abort the baby for Carmine’s sake, when all she wants is for him to step up to the plate and do the responsible thing financially, and she will raise the child on her own for the baby’s sake.

Instead of simply allowing his office to investigate the injury Deanna initially approached them for, this has turned into a sad story all around putting a major black eye on the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and most tragically, creating a very unplanned development and setback for a woman with two grown children who was stepping into her prime years and who just wanted to find justice for another injury.

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