The liberal media couldn’t wait to wave its politically correct index finger at the white man’s collective guilt and scream “Islamophobia..!” With victims all Muslim, all MSM needed was a non-Muslim killer. Their hope of erasing more than 31,000 acts of lethal terror by Muslims across the world since 9/11 would certainly be realized by this singular act of derangement, as long as the bad guy was white-skinned.

The Christchurch murderer had to be white, had to be right wing, and most importantly had to have sported a red MAGA hat. Or at least having thought of wearing one. That ultimate carrot of President Trump as the guilty party in far-away New Zealand was never in question, never too far-fetched, and never too beneath their yellow journalism. Mainstream media punditry salivated and rubbed their hands while spinning this all too familiar tale.

Likewise, more than a few religious and political organizations, affiliates and groups couldn’t wait to populate our inbox with emails condemning the horrific murder. Trouble is, most of us are still waiting for their email condemning rockets over Tel Aviv on Thursday..! Did my junk folder swallow their condemnation of the colossal failure of the Democrat Party to lay punitive consequences on Congresswoman Omar for her rabid anti-Semitism..? Most indigestible was their supine silence over the Nazi-style parade float depicting religious Jews as money-grabbing rats in Belgium, last week.

No doubt, leftists will justify this deafening silence with “but, no one died, 49 Muslims died in Christchurch..!” Fair enough, we understand the “numbers” argument at the lack of any well-reasoned rebuttal. So where was their outrage and condemnation of the gruesome killing of 32 Christians at the hands of Nigerian Islamists last week..? A total of 120 dead over the last three weeks..! Where were their tears for the unbearable death of a 19-year-old Israeli teenager who endured inhumane rape and torture by a Palestinian Muslim?

For the first time in history New Zealand synagogues shut their doors on Shabbat following the shocking massacre. The Jewish Agency and the New Zealand Jewish Council proclaimed it stands in solidarity with the bereaved families. That’s great and admirable, but why were their doors open for Shabbat observance after the Fogel Family murders when babies died in the Itamar attack..?! Or, after the murder of three Israeli teenagers on June 12th, 2014 when the young boys were kidnapped at a bus stop and brutally executed by Muslim Palestinians..?! Where was the grievance and cancellation of services for Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah, ages 16, 16, and 19, respectively..?!

Among the 258 terrorist attacks in 2019 so far, (256 of them carried out by Muslims), a suicide bomber stormed and detonated explosives in a luxury complex in Nairobi, Kenya. At least 21 people were killed including a British and an American citizen, and 28 others were seriously injured. Strangely my inbox didn’t light up like a Christmas Tree with emails condemning their deaths “in strongest possible terms”. Nor did I hear more than a whisper about this in any mainstream media. Perhaps I missed the services cancellation notices from a few Churches and Synagogues pronouncing that they stand in solidarity with the bereaved families..!

Unless the red MAGA hat can be sewn from the slightest pittance of news-worthy crumbs, the public will not be privy to media’s panic attacks, communal grievances, or calls for gun-control actions.

It isn’t mainstream media’s coaching on our incurable “Islamophobia” nor the patronizing for when and how we should shed tears over human tragedy that we require. It’s the hypocrisy of the liberal political agenda and our resulting severe “Mediaphobia” that we need immediate relief from.

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In Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, he echoed Jesus' immortal words, "...a house divided against itself cannot stand." (Mark 3:25) Perhaps now, more than ever, it is imperative that we stand together, kneeling before God and in an attitude of humility and holiness while reaching out to those around us in an effort to both heal and unite our divided land ... in God we trust.