What the hell is going on in Tallahassee…?!

Leading up to the election back in 2018 lots of people were feeling a tingle down their legs over the prospects of a Governor DeSantis and a Senator Scott; and while I had begun to understand the former, the latter was just the “anyone but Nelson” candidate, and to be honest I don’t believe we’ll see much of a difference between him and his predecessor over time. Anyway, the leg tingles were apparently so strong that no one seems to have noticed, or at very least no one seems to give a damn that both of these men won by the skin of their teeth.

And while both of them are still basking in the glow of their new offices, guys like Andrew Gillum, and the small army he has amassed are out doing everything they can to make sure they don’t fall short on the next go around. They are pulling everything together for a ‘blue harvest’ in our ‘RED’ state right under our noses and no one seems concerned.

I wish I could say this is only happening in Florida, but I think we all know that this sort of thing is a nationwide pandemic, and absolutely NOTHING is or has been done about it. That is of course unless you consider the winks and nods at a few Republican cocktail receptions, or welcoming POTUS when he visits Mar a Lago as doing something.

And that is one of two reasons I am massaging my keyboard today.

Since right after his inauguration I have been attempting to make an appointment with Governor DeSantis, only to be put off by every one of his snotty gatekeepers that I had the displeasure to speak to, and all of who seem to have an agenda and don’t really care about voter fraud as long as they get their paychecks. They’ve “thanked me for calling and writing” and invited me to do so again. People I know who love to boast that they know the governor personally and can help me get an appointment fall silent when I ask them to, because at the end of the day, they probably don’t want to ‘waste’ their one call or text to him on anything less than something that would benefit them personally. And that probably being an invitation to some fund raising event they have to pay for anyway. Either that, or more likely, they are full of what Bess Truman spent most of her marriage trying to get Harry to call fertilizer or manure.

So here’s what has me beside myself and why I want to meet with him. I got tired of hearing people complain about voter fraud, and I surely did not want to be just another complainer; so I came up with a plan. It isn’t perfect, however it is a solid plan that I believe could reduce voter fraud by up to 75% in Florida and in any other states that adopted it.

Thus far, this governor has done NOTHING to address this problem. Sure Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher have faded off into the sunset, (for now) and he installed a new SOE at least in PBC where I live. But I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed at the corner of Military Blvd. and Gun Club Rd. The same people work there and they are still doing the same stuff. Case in point is that when I recently went there to change my address; they gave me the form to fill out and sign, and thanked me. After I left, I realized that they did not ask for my ID. When I called the next day, I was told that they compare the signatures and leave it at that.

Really…?! Folks, that’s a small piece of the puzzle, but it is that sort of loose thinking that has created the voter mess we see every election.

My plan, while not exhaustive, and too simple for most politicians, includes cleaning house at all of the SOE offices statewide starting with we can no longer afford to have only one SOE in each jurisdiction; we need three. One from each major party and one independent. These SOEs would be co-equal and co-responsible so that if any of them saw any of the others doing something amiss and didn’t take immediate corrective action up to and including involving the sheriff and state attorney, they would all share the heat. As far as the heat, voter fraud is a huge crime and the penalties need to be harsh and include stiff fines and imprisonment.

Back to the staff; they need to be retrained and swear some sort of oath to not allow their personal ideologies to interfere with their duties as so many of them do. Again, fines and imprisonment.

Ballots need to be handled like the important and valuable documents that they are, and I suggest that they either be transported by armored vehicle or by no less than two deputies at a time. Never should they be placed in the trunk of any poll worker’s personal vehicle. Additionally, a receipt such as one might get at any store should be issued to voters after voting proving who they voted for.

There needs to be a clean centralized voter registry so that no one who isn’t eligible can vote, and so no one can vote more than once in any given election. That includes those who have moved away or passed away.

Early voting must either be done away with entirely or at very least culled to a few days. It has never produced anything but opportunities for mishandling of the vote.

Citizens should be encouraged to witness the tallying of the votes as opposed to being scorned by the SOEs and their staff.

I have many more ideas as well, but except to say we have roughly 14 months to fix this before it will be impossible, I will end this concern here and move on to the next critical issue that I need to talk to the governor about.

There is a huge miscarriage of justice taking place in Lee County involving numerous lawyers and judges as well as Sheriff Carmine Marceno and it is all centered around one woman, Deanna Williams, who was a victim of rape and has been victimized by all of the above ever since.

All of the documentation and evidence has been forwarded to both the governor and the AG Ashley Moody as well as all of the major news outlets, so they are certainly aware of it.

I wrote this article in February, this one in March, and this one in April, and Mr. Tim Brown of The Washington Standard has really picked up the ball and done some amazing, Pulitzer quality heavy lifting investigative work on this, and this link will bring you to his latest article with links to all of his coverage.

This is a story of corruption that I believe must lead right to the steps of the governor’s mansion itself, and I say that because his inaction screams cover-up for some of the players and especially the sheriff of that county who he used to be buddies with, and who never so much as attained the basic requirements to be a police officer, let alone possessing the qualifications of being a sheriff, (which he was appointed to by departing Gov. Scott).

This is real my friends. This is real and cannot be allowed to continue because if these people are not stopped, their next victim could be you or someone you know and care about.

Corruption recognizes no race, gender, or ethnicity. It feeds off of greed, power, and control, and it crushes anyone who opposes it.

It is time for the people of Florida to stand up and it is time for Governor DeSantis to step in, get his hands dirty, and get to the bottom of what is happening in Lee County, regardless of the political winds.

Frankly, I’m disgusted that any of this has happened and it has become necessary to write this…!

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