Ask most people about events in September and you’ll likely hear about Labor Day, (but don’t ask what that is all about, because most would say it’s just a day off to drink beer and burn a few burgers), and most will remember that on the 11th, back in 2001, we suffered the worst day in American history, when nineteen Muslim savages screaming “allahu ackbar” flew planes they had hijacked into both buildings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, with a fourth hijacked plane “crashing” into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers tried to retake the plane. I believe they did try, but I also believe that in all likelihood, that plane was probably shot down; we will never know the real truth of that day on this side of Eternity.

Anyway, September is loaded with very significant historical events and I’ve highlighted a number of them below.

September 4th; In 1886, the last “major” US/Indian War came to an end when Geronimo was captured at Ft. Sill, OK..! Sadly, not one of our finest hours.

On the same day, in 1781, Los Angeles was founded by Spanish Governor Felipe de Neve. It is now home to countless homeless and the liberal loons who created most of them in that state.

September 5th; back in 1774, the First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia; I wasn’t there, but I have it on pretty solid authority that the 56 delegates were served sandwiches. Talk about your “Original Philly Cheesesteaks.”

Also on the 5th, in 1847, legendary “outlaw” Jesse James was born. I guess it depends upon which side of the “Mason/Dixon Line” one was born to determine whether he was a criminal or not. This Yankee views him as perhaps somewhere south of a hero, but a whole lot north of a criminal. In any case, he didn’t deserve the end he met by a “friend.”

September 8th; In 1565, the first Catholic settlement in America, St. Augustine, FL was founded. As a side note, I believe the Pilgrims of 1629 were actually aiming for this warmer climate as well; but as luck and the lack of GPS would have it, they wound up freezing their buttocks off in Plymouth.

On the same day in 1883, the Northern Pacific Railroad was completed. The only difference between that railroad and those of today, is that people actually rode it back then.

Richard M. Nixon was pardoned on this day in 1974, a month after being forced to resign because of his knowledge of a B&E at the Democrat HQ at the Watergate Hotel. Of course, by today’s standards, knowledge of a B&E is child’s play and Democrats get a pass for everything except murder, oh wait, I forgot about the Clintons.

September 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton termed the phrase “Basket of Deplorables,” launching a new movement in conservative circles and creating many fortunes in the Tee Shirt industry; her only positive contribution to society, industry or the economy ever.

Very importantly, on this very day, in 2018, David DiCrescenzo compiled this list of historical events after putting the final touches on a new sport he is trying to launch called “Full Contact Golf,” which combines some of the aspects of Golf, Football, Hockey, Skeet Shooting, Alligator Mud Wrestling, Olympic level beer drinking, and Bass Fishing….

September 11, 2001; almost immediately after the worst terrorist attack in US History to date, the liberal left began a campaign to embrace the “peaceful” people who attacked us, culminating in the election to president of one of their members a mere seven years later.

September 13th: In 1814, during the over-night Battle of Fort Henry, Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the “Star Spangled Banner” which became the National Anthem. Who would have thought that only a couple of hundred years later, an American athlete would so disrespect the Flag it speaks of, so as to bring down an American Icon known as the NFL…?!

In 1860, John “Blackjack” Pershing was born. Among the greatest of American Generals, he led a storied and heroic life, and taught our enemies at the time that messing with America was to their own peril.

September 17; in 1787, tired of the same old daily “Philly Cheesesteaks,” the delegates at the Constitutional Convention voted unanimously to approve the proposed US Constitution so that they could finally head home.

On this day in 1862, 26,000 men lay dead, wounded, or missing at the Civil War Battle of Antietam. The greatest loss of military life in US history…

September 18, 1947; the US Air Force was established as a separate service.

September 22, 1776; American hero Nathan Hale was executed as a spy without a trial by British Forces.

September 24, 1957, President Eisenhower ordered the National Guard to enforce racial integration in Little Rock, AK.

September 25, 1789, The First Congress of the US proposed and ratified the Bill of Rights, and liberals have been trying to shred those Amendments and the document they are part of ever since.

September 26, 1918, the final major battle of WWI. “Argonne,” began along a forty mile front.

On this day in 1960, the first televised presidential debate between JFK and RMN was broadcast. There was disagreement as to who won the debate, however JFK won the election.

September 28, 1542, California was “discovered” by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo when he entered San Diego Bay. There was not a liberal in sight; however to this day they whine that it had already been discovered. The only certain thing is that there was not a plastic straw to be found.

September 29, 1789, the US Congress created the US Army. Hooah…!

Obviously, there were lots of other things that have occurred during the month of September over the years; however, I felt these were the most significant to the history of the US. Over the coming months, I plan on offering snapshots of other months and I look forward to reader commentary…

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