Part of me feels as if I’ve gone back in time, most of me knows that it’s just the same thing over and over. I’d always heard about election fraud and I always thought it only happened to “those people over there.”

Then way back in 2012 I witnessed it first hand on a wholesale level at the hands of the Palm Beach and St. Lucie County SEOs when Allen West was vying for reelection to Congress in Florida’s 18th US Congressional District. You can read what I had to say about that here, however, the bottom line is that except for the names, nothing had changed since the 2000 Presidential Election debacle in which Palm Beach County was the center of worldwide scrutiny over “hanging chads” and “voter intent”.

And that’s where I go from merely being informational as a journalist to being really pissed off as a constituent. This isn’t simply just about a handful of specific election races; it is absolutely about one of the core, foundational blocks upon which this nation was established and the criminal intent of one particular party which is doing everything it can to advance its nation destroying agenda at all costs. In case it was lost on you; up until now, every one of these major cases of blatant fraud have been perpetrated in Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, or Broward County, or some combination of the three. That doesn’t mean those are the only places fraud has taken place; far from it in fact; they just happen to have been the most prominent and grievous up until now. Back in Philadelphia in 2012, over four dozen precincts voted 100%, (or more in some cases) for Barack Obama. I could see a half dozen or so or maybe even a dozen; but they expect us to believe that not one vote was cast for his opponent in over four dozen precincts..?! That is not only absolutely impossible; it is not even plausible and very lousy cheating on the part of those involved. And let’s not forget how many democrat controlled jurisdictions, led by California, have started allowing illegal aliens to vote in elections; that while many in those same jurisdictions scream about foreign meddling in our elections…!

So last Tuesday, just as on the election nights of 2000 and 2012, and 2014 when the talking heads were offering up their analyses as the results were coming in; the margins were unbelievably close and it quickly became apparent that things were not right; and then it started. The 2000 election gave us terms such as “hanging chads”, and “voter intent”, which were both designed to somehow justify SOEs deciding how the unknown voter actually meant to vote, instead of simply following the law and discarding such ballots as incomplete and therefore invalid. And again last Tuesday, many ballots which originated in “Republican friendly” precincts or those from the military which are also usually “Republican friendly”, were not counted and it is just amazing how many ballots were suddenly found that all voted for democrats. Are you starting to see a pattern yet…?!

It isn’t just the SOEs either; there are gaggles of lawyers and judges who are part of the “deep state” who have and are doing their very best to somehow legitimize this fraud. Extra hours and days are being granted across the board, and nothing is being done to those who ignore the court orders that do limit the time. In the end, the entire election in Florida and Georgia, and other places has been compromised to the point of being invalid.

Look, I don’t need to dissect every part of this for you, because I believe that most honest Americans can see what is happening, but I have some observations.

Let’s start with the 2012 election and what happened to Allen West. There was blatant fraud perpetrated by the SOEs in Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County and I covered it extensively. Many people reached out to Gov. Scott and AG Bondi with documentation and photos, and all we heard was crickets. Fast forward to today and now part of the national fraud is being perpetrated against him and his replacement; yet there are still a lot of shenanigans going on such as time extensions and the like, and while he is present, the visible efforts to stop this madness are tepid at best. And I have yet to see AG Pam Bondi get involved, (at least not visibly).

This isn’t just about Gov. Scott, or the State of Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Alabama, California, or any other particular state either. This is about our nation and every elected official at every level of government nation-wide, (especially non-democrats) should not only be alarmed by what is going on, he/she should be marching alongside of the army of concerned citizens of Georgia, in Broward, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties, and anywhere else this is going on, because this is nothing less than an organized attempt at a coup to overthrow elections and the government by the democrat party. The silence of all elected officials is as shameful as it is deafening, especially given that the nation choking “consent decree” of 1982 has been lifted.

I have some solutions which I have offered before which a lot of elected officials had the opportunity to look at. Apparently my solutions are just too simple for the “ruling elite” who absolutely insist upon things being convoluted to the extreme with pet projects thrown in.

As I wrote about back in early 2017, we need some sort of a centralized National Voter Registry which electronically monitors who votes, when, and where. That would at least in theory prevent anyone from voting more than once or in more than one jurisdiction. For example, there are many people, (mostly democrats) who live in different locations during different seasons and while they certainly know it is illegal, they vote in both places. Such a tracking system would also prevent any non-citizen or illegal alien from voting, since their names would not appear on the list of voters at any voting precinct, and any “provisional” ballot they might be granted would not only be ineligible, it would also trigger an arrest warrant for attempted voter fraud. Therefore, the National Registry would necessarily have the authority of a law enforcement agency with the ability to issue severe fines and/or prosecute for jail time for offenses.

I also agree with some people that just as with any major transaction, a receipt should be issued so that the voter could not only prove he/she voted, it would also have a barcode showing who and what they voted for.

One of the most important pieces of my solution is multiple, equal, co-SOEs in every jurisdiction. There should be one from each party and an independent who would equally share in the success or failure of their jurisdiction. In essence, if one or the other was doing something nefarious, it would be incumbent upon the others to either bring it to light or suffer equal consequences with the offender. And all subject to sworn citizen review panels.

As it was always intended since the founding, it is up to us, We the People to come together as never before. We need to regroup and we need to stick together just like “they” do, or we will watch our once great nation fade into the history books as a failed experiment.

In closing, I find it just a little fascinating that the only elected official trying to fix this whole mess is President Trump, and almost all of “them” in both parties are against him because he is overturning the gravy train. Which is probably the strongest reason we need to continue to support him!

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In Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, he echoed Jesus' immortal words, "...a house divided against itself cannot stand." (Mark 3:25) Perhaps now, more than ever, it is imperative that we stand together, kneeling before God and in an attitude of humility and holiness while reaching out to those around us in an effort to both heal and unite our divided land ... in God we trust.