The title is composed of words that will never be spoken by anyone ever! I was sitting in my office thinking about all the recent, stepped up maneuvering and lawsuits by Big Gay with regards to forcing Christian business owners to do things against their core beliefs and principles. Specifically; regarding services provided for same sex weddings and the other faith or moral conflicting events which this will open the door to. While refusing to render such services based upon religious or personal reasons is not illegal yet for the targeted groups, it is fast becoming a front burner issue in legislative bodies across the country.

A lot of people might say that it’s not just Christians or Jews that are the focus of this; however, I completely disagree and will do my best to briefly prove my case.

For starters, we only hear of Christian business owners being targeted on this issue. Never have I heard of a Muslim baker, caterer, function hall manager, or any other such business being asked and/or forced to perform something they would find egregious.

Nor will it ever happen! No Muslim baker will ever be forced to bake a gay wedding cake or a cake in the shape of a pig for a special event, nor will a Muslim function manager be forced to allow or serve alcohol, and never will a Muslim caterer be forced to serve non-halal foods.

Examples abound! Taxi drivers in MN airports, the overwhelming percentage of which are Muslim, have been known to refuse fares that may be carrying alcohol or other ‘objectionable’ items, and outright refuse anyone with a service animal, (animals are considered filthy).

Maybe no one remembers that Muslim cashiers in many stores do not have to touch or ring up non-halal products like pork, etc.; or how about all of those driver’s licenses that look like burkas? What about this video of a young cashier in an Australian KFC who apparently had a little too much coffee before his shift and got very ‘emotional’ after a customer ordered some bacon and then started recording his rant? Don’t even say it; that could happen here.

For another foreign country encounter that could and will happen in the USA soon enough is this very pertinent story.

A lesbian recently tried to get a man’s haircut at a Muslim barber shop in Canada, and that had about as much chance of flying with the management as a lead balloon. Apparently she didn’t get the memo that in Muslim societies men are generally of the opinion that women have some sort of cooties or something like that and lesbian women are a cut, (pardon the pun) below that. Suffice it to say, she was shown the door in a very unceremonious, immediate fashion.

What should be obvious even to ‘coexist’ liberals without me mentioning it here is that we in America, due to political correctness and fear, wouldn’t dare attempt to force Muslim business owners to do what we are attempting to force Christian and Jewish business owners to do. Simply put, Big Gay figures it can get away with it with Christians and Jews due to their general passivity, while they know very well that Muslims, known to very often not play well with others, might very quickly resort to extreme violence against them on a wholesale level.

Newsflash to Big Gay, you might want to check out how gay people are treated in Muslim countries, or perhaps I can save you the time of looking it up;…they don’t bake wedding cakes for them, they kill them!

Let’s have a look at the very similar nonsense happening in the military. Very recently, special provisions have been made for members of certain religious groups regarding garb, food, and all the rest while Christians and Jews may not wear any symbol of their faith in public view, pray, or have a marked house of worship. I.E., the Crosses and Stars of David are coming down while the turbans and gay parties are coming out.

In the end, it is and has been very clear to anyone with a set of reality vision eyes, that for many years Big Gay’s agenda has declared open war on Christianity, Judaism, society, and morality, and has given a deafeningly silent pass to groups that would violently oppose them. Sadly, I believe it will continue to get worse.

Over the coming months, my readers can look forward to lots more information concerning the increasingly rapid moral decline of our culture and the attacks on those who would stand up for their beliefs and take a stand against that decline. Stay tuned.

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In Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, he echoed Jesus' immortal words, "...a house divided against itself cannot stand." (Mark 3:25) Perhaps now, more than ever, it is imperative that we stand together, kneeling before God and in an attitude of humility and holiness while reaching out to those around us in an effort to both heal and unite our divided land ... in God we trust.