The Mid-Terms are upon us once again and it seems like just yesterday that the left started a cry-fest that has continued to this day and has been covered and encouraged by the media and their puppet masters in the “deep state.” To listen to them, one might think that most people despise our president and those who have been running on an “anti-Trump” platform have already won.

However, just like in 2016, they are wrong; dead wrong, and I predict that we will once again be seeing “best of” collages of the left imploding and drowning in a RED TIDAL WAVE on Election Night.

It isn’t just some sort of wishful thinking on my part either; like many, I have my ear to the ground and I pay attention to what people are saying, and I pay attention to the throngs of cheering people at Trump Rallies and especially those who can’t get in and choose to stand outside to show the world that this man has an audience of Patriots who love and respect him and stand ready, willing, and able to whatever they have to do to support and defend the greatest president since George Washington.

My friends, let me simplify this for you, the left thinks you and I, and anyone who doesn’t agree with their destructive agenda are some sort of knuckle dragging sub-humans. They want to control you, and indoctrinate your children to their way of thinking to the point that our children actually side with them. If you somehow think that isn’t possible; look around, see how many kids who grow up in conservative homes come back from grade school starting to believe the liberal mush they are fed. By the time they do go to college, they have been softened to the point that they go full leftist loon, and sound like the “professors” who have brainwashed them.

This is the mid-term of mid-terms; this is the chance to show the left that 2016 was just for openers; that we don’t just like, but love what President Trump is doing. If we do what I know we’re going to do, which is to prove the left wrong and drown them in red, we will give this POTUS the help he needs to complete his mission and begin his second term fully able to make good on every campaign promise, including locking up many from the previous administration and even maybe #44 himself. On the other hand, and this is so important, if we do not turn out in vast numbers wearing red, the rest of his first term will be spent stamping out the attempts of the left to besmirch and impeach him; making the possibility of a second term vastly more challenging.

It is up to us; we must turn out in overwhelming numbers and vote sufficiently even to beat any and all cheating committed by the left.

I have to be honest about something that has been nagging me though. I’m not worried about We the People getting out to vote and I’m not even thinking we will lose; however, I am very concerned about those in the GOP who despise this president that they cannot control, because they have been and will continue to undermine him at every turn. That hasn’t stopped him, but it also hasn’t helped him.

Let me give you a case in point about that. Where I live in Florida, there is a race for governor that has the attention of the nation and much of the world.

On the democrat side, there is a failed mayor of the capitol who against all odds made it onto the ticket while under FBI investigation. That man is a socialist, who stands against everything We the People hold dear. To name just a few of the issues he supports; open borders, sanctuary cities and states, he is solidly anti-2A, he would raise corporate taxes and impose a state income tax, he is anti-police and law enforcement, he is anti-Israel, he openly admits that he has taken money from and has a 15 year relationship with george soros, he embraces people like linda sarsour and louis farrakhan, and the list goes on. And oh yeah, he despises President Trump and has rallied against him.

Compare that with his opponent; a man who, while he may not be the very best choice of the available Republicans, he does indeed support the president, a fact that has many of the “Ivory Tower” Republicans with their evil looking white cats, not very happy with him because while they will put on their game faces in support of POTUS, they are doing whatever they can to undermine him. Naturally, that last comment will get me a lot of emails and phone calls, but it is true. If it isn’t true, how come they made him select a known Trump basher as a running mate and had “little jebbie” introduce him at a recent event in Miami..?! In case you forgot, “little jebbie” hates POTUS, almost as much as “marco” does; and make no mistake, neither of them wants to help any candidate who does support him, even if it means seeing us tank under a socialist. There has also been an effort to suppress his advertising presence in many areas of the state

Regardless, We the People cannot allow Ron DeSantis to lose this election; and we cannot allow the left to regain control across the nation either.

It’s up to us Patriots. We vote RED or we are DEAD…!

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In Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, he echoed Jesus' immortal words, "...a house divided against itself cannot stand." (Mark 3:25) Perhaps now, more than ever, it is imperative that we stand together, kneeling before God and in an attitude of humility and holiness while reaching out to those around us in an effort to both heal and unite our divided land ... in God we trust.